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Pre-cut and numbered in factory service

Exclusive factory pre-cutting service facilitates the quick and efficient completion of your construction project. We analyze your plans and precut all of your project’s ICF walls in order to optimize your jobsite work and eliminate waste. A complete ICF wall kit is delivered to your jobsite along with a course by course installation plan.

A Systèmes Polycrete exclusive process, adapted to your needs, which allows you:

  • to accomplish any building design
  • to effectively plan the execution of your construction
  • to speed up the insulated concrete forms installation
  • to reduce labor costs due to the positioning and cutting of the openings on job site
  • to eliminate ICF waste on job site

precoupe numerotation

The pre numbered in factory cutting service process:

  1. Receipt of the client building plans
  2. Computer assisted design of the pre numbered cutting service plans
  3. Approval of the plans by the client
  4. In factory production of the project and packaging per courses of the precut blocks
  5. Delivery and project installation by the client on jobsite

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